Why go to therapy?

Allowing yourself to talk about the anguish is the first step towards internal changes that will guide you towards a path more true to yourself. 


Online psychological care for Brazilians living abroad

Borderless online psychological support for Brazilians living abroad.

About me

I'm Brazilian and Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Psychology from Universidade Veiga de Almeida in RJ and post-graduated in Clinical Psychology.


  • SPID participant: Iracy Doyle Psychoanalytic Society.  

  • Member of the ICF - Freud Cultural Institute in RJ.   

  • Psychologist member of the  Sakura Project  - Psychological support to Brazilian expatriates residing in Japan.  

  • Psychologist at a German recruitment multinational based in Düsseldorf. Responsible for the psychological monitoring of Brazilian professionals in the process of expatriation to Germany - Integra Program.  

  • Online psychological care for adults in Portuguese, English and German.


Every expatriation experience is unique and moves countless potentialities with it.

Psychological support for expatriates was created not only to hear their journey in a foreign country, but to listen in a human way to all their history and desires that are intertwined with this move abroad.  


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Doing analysis is looking for a meaning.

It's going in search of a north in the midst of chaos and being able to choose to do something from it.

Andrea Hollenstein

CRP: 05/36484  

Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalysis

"The objective of a psychoanalysis is to make visible to the subject his own uniqueness and so that he can situate himself in front of it. "

Colette Soler 

Please note: This site does not offer immediate treatment or counseling for people in a suicidal crisis. In case of crisis, call  188 (CVV)  or visit the website  www.cvv.org.br .