Why go to therapy?

Sometimes, awakened by a series of subjective reasons, we do not recognize ourselves in our own skin or in our own life that we lead and hence the need to be heard and with that to listen to oneself, redesigning and reediting our own narrative about our history we can see more clearly where and how we want to go, as well as our life projects.  

This listening is not just any listening, but that of a qualified professional, who will listen with neutrality and theoretical clinical basis.  


We live in ambiguous times and in constant rapids  mutations , with each passing day there is an increase in geographical displacements, which for various reasons,  end up doing  part not only of the news but also eventually of our lives.

A job opportunity or an old dream of living abroad, each will have their own particular reason for leaving their homeland, this departure, voluntary or not, planned or sudden, will bring questions about themselves, their place in the world, its identity, fears and capabilities.

And this is where the expatriate's psychological support is necessary, listening to before, during and after their journey in a foreign land.  

Freud often compared psychoanalysis to a journey, which we embark on in order to revisit the past, questioning ourselves about the present and trying to shape something in the future. Piece by piece of this great puzzle that is life and that each session tries to find its place.  ​

"With its ups and downs, imagine our life as a brief ride on a roller coaster circuit.

Anyone who went through the experience anesthetized, without screams, fear and laughter, would have thrown away the money for the ticket.

I have the ambition, on the contrary, to help my patients to live in such a way that, when the end comes, they can say that the race was good".

Contado Calligaris  

Por que fazer terapia?